The Mississippi River Regional Planning Commission (MRRPC) is a Commission
of nine counties located along the Mississippi River in Western Wisconsin.  The
Commission was organized in 1964 under Wisconsin State Statutes to plan for
the physical, social and economic development of the Region. Other authorized
functions include providing advisory services on regional issues to local
governments and other public and private agencies, acting as a coordinating
agency for programs and activities and contracting with local units of
government to make studies and offer advice on land use, thoroughfares,
community facilities, public improvements, and encouragement of economic and
other developments.

Specific examples of services include: comprehensive plans, zoning and
subdivision ordinances, grant writing, geographic information system map
production, revolving loan fund administration, economic development planning,
economic data collection and dissemination and advocating public policy
positions on issues affecting our Region.

Commission activities are directed by a Board of 27 commissioners appointed
by the County Boards and Governor.

For more information on the Commission, download the
Commission's Annual
Report or an informational brochure.
1707 Main Street
Suite 435
La Crosse, WI 54601

Telephone: 608.785.9396
Fax: 608.785.9394
Greg Flogstad, Director, greg@mrrpc.com
Barb Buros, Administrative Assistant, barb@mrrpc.com
Dave Bonifas, Community Development Planner, dave@mrrpc.com
Peter Fletcher, Transportation Planner, peter@mrrpc.com

Buffalo County
Dr. Daniel Barr
Del Twidt
Mary Anne McMillan Urell

Crawford County
Gerald Krachey
Ron Leys
Greg Russell

Jackson County
Ron Carney
James Christenson

La Crosse County
Vicki Burke -
James Ehrsam
Tara Johnson

Monroe County
Sharon Folcey
James Kuhn, Chairman
Cedric Schnitzler

Pepin County
Norman Murray
Bruce Peterson
David Smith

Pierce County
Richard Purdy
James Ross
William Schroeder

Trempealeau County
Margaret Baecker -
Vice Chairman
Phillip Borreson
Ernest Vold

Vernon County
Nancy Jaekel
Jo Ann Nickelatti
Providing Planning and Economic Development
Services to Improve the Region’s
Environment, Economy and Quality of Life